Anodic Oxidation

One of the most important surface treatments that applied on aluminum profiles is anodic oxidation process. Anodic oxidation has been applied for 70 years for both decorative and industrial ends.

In our 25000m2 facility of 6000 ton/year capacity, profiles up to 7m length are coated by anodic oxidation coating according to various customers’ demands. In our anodic oxidation unit, surface effects are done as follows: steel brush sand papered, polished and in wide range of colors from light bronze to yellow to natural aluminum color.
Anodic finished profiles are exposed to necessary tests and be delivered to the customer after a final optic control is done.

Some notations which used in Europe countries in order to describe the anodic finished aluminum decoration aspects are as follows:

According to QUALANOD (EURAS):
C 0 Natural anodic color (white/colorless)
C 31 Very light bronze
C 32 Light bronze
C 33 Medium bronze
C 34 Dark bronze
C 35 Black
Old German Notations:
EV 1 Natural colored (colorless, white)
EV 2 German silver
EV 3 Gold
EV 6 Black